Sunday, 10 August 2008

Bridge of Woes !

An interesting article in the Sunday Times Travel Supplement today ..... relating to one of my favourite but also THE most inaccessible of all cities for wheelchair users - Venice.

" A Venice councillor says the city's first new bridge in 70 years is an illegal structure after a design error left the span inaccessible to the disabled. Already two years late, and millions of euros over budget, the bridge , designed by the Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava, will link Venice's railway station with bus terminals and car parks on Piazzale Roma. Now councillor, Raffaele Speranzon claims that, because of the lack of wheelchair access, the structure is "outside the law". Venice's public-works chief, Maria Rumiz, was dismissive of Speranzon's claims, adding that a lift for those with mobility problems would be added "in a couple of months".

Interesting ! Once over the bridge and into the city - what about the hundreds of bridges and steps, shortage of elevators and buildings only accessed by boat ? All compounded by the entire city being listed........